Our Mission

As a unit of the Office of Research and Economic Development, the mission of the Office of Economic Development is to develop macro-level programs and physical infrastructure resources that are necessary for effective interdisciplinary university, industry and government collaborations.  This infrastructure and the professional relationships created result in networks that catalyze innovative activities, make it easier for ideas, talent and capital to connect, increase the revenue potential to the University and ultimately, increase the economic impact of the University on the State.

Core Initiatives:

  1. Develop university-wide program and physical infrastructure resources that support world class interdisciplinary research and drive strategic engagement with government and industry.
  1. Build strong “Innovation EcoSystems” that catalyze university-industry-government collaboration, increase revenues to the University and maximize state economic benefits.  
  1. Build and facilitate relationships and integrate economic development activities across all units and campus’.
  1. Conduct economic impact assessments and metric development and data collection for the University and its units and programs.