Entrepreneurship Resources

Resources for Students at Rutgers  

Many opportunities are available to take classes, join clubs or interact with other innovators on campus.  Our entrepreneurial community is growing as we continue to make new connections and add new programs and services.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo                                                                                   
OED spearheaded Rutgers first Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo on November 1 at the College Avenue Student Center.  Organized by Rutgers Entrepreneurship Coalition, The event showcased over 40 university and statewide resources for student innovators & entrepreneurs and included a career panel & expo and a pitch competition.  Over 300 students and other attendees made connections to further build the innovation ecosystem. Successful alumni entrepreneurs were an integral part of the event as keynotes, panelists and exhibitors.  The event website contains valuable information including a  slideshow detailing each of the Rutgers exhibitors


Academics Programs include:

Academic Classes in innovation/entrepreneurship include:

Undergraduate Level Classes:

Graduate Level Classes


Centers and Incubators

  • The Rutgers Advanced Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship and Development (RAISED) serves as the platform organization supporting a series of initiatives intended to drive entrepreneurship efforts across Rutgers Business School, the greater Rutgers University and the communities with which our faculty and students engage. RAISED efforts are focused on creating a unique synthesis of research, teaching and engagement that rejects the idea that academic rigor and practical relevance are competing goals.  RAISED also provides leadership to RBS Anchor Institution activities with the goal of bringing RBS intellectual capital and engagement to bear on the resurgence of our urban environments.  Operating under the RAISED banner are four centers distinctly focused on building and supporting a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners: 
    • The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers Business School, Newark, integrates scholarly works with private capital, government, and non-profit sectors to develop citywide resources and encourage economic growth and vitality through urban entrepreneurship. CUEED hosts the Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative (EPI), a highly selective and exclusive nine-month program that offers intensive, practical training, step-by-step coaching, and numerous networking and financing opportunities. 
    • New Jersey Social Innovation Institute (NJSII)
    • The Collaborative for Technology Entrepreneurship and Collaboration (CTEC) -  CTEC’s focus is on translating cutting-edge technology and scientific discoveries into new business opportunities as startup ventures or new lines of business.  It is a place where students, faculty, inventors and business people come together to build the future through innovation grounded in a foundation of sound business practices. CTEC offers educational and outreach services through Rutgers Business School and seek to establish partnerships with other institutions that will enable access to our classes and activities to an even broader pool of potential participants.
    • Technology Management Research Center (TMRC) -  realizing technoloy has become the main driver for economic growth in industry and government, TMRC promotes effective management of technology, incorporating three complementary areas:
      • Applied research on issues essential to sound management of technology and innovation, including new development, implementation, trends and strategy. 
      • Dissemination of research findings through applications-oriented publications and conferences.
      • Innovative degree and non-degree programs for industry leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • Rutgers Food Innovation Centers.  Rutgers Food Innovation Center- South, located in Bridgeton, NJ, is a unique business incubation and economic development accelerator program, which provides business and technology expertise to startup and established food companies in the mid-Atlantic region, and utilizes its outreach capacity to reach food and agribusinesses throughout the world.   In 2013, the National Business Incubation Association designated the incubator as an NBIA Soft Landings International Incubator in recognition of the incubator's capability to help nondomestic companies enter the incubator's domestic market. Rutgers Food Innovation Center - North, Located in Piscataway, NJ, provides many similar services.   For more information on FIC-North, contact Nolan Lewin; Phone: 732-445-6137; Email: nl95@njaes.rutgers.edu
  • The Edison Papers, a research center at Rutgers Livingston Campus, documents the extraordinary life and achievements of Thomas Alva Edison. At the center, teams of editors/scholars have been turning the 5 million pages of documents on Edison into a premier educational resource.
  • Rutgers EcoComplex - The Rutgers EcoComplex in Bordentown, NJ is the state's clean energy and environmental research, outreach and business incubation center. It serves as a university-based resource hub and offers industry, academia and government access to applied research capabilities, unique facilities, business and technical expertise, and incubation services. The EcoComplex received the NBIA International Soft Landings Incubator designation ; selected because of its slate of business services for nondomestic firms and its demonstrated success at helping these firms enter the U.S. market.  

Student Groups

  • Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society (RES) – a cross disciplinary student group with over 400 members.  RES can be reached via one of the following channels:   Mailing List signup: www.Rutrep.com  
    Twitter: @RUentrepreneur   Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rutrep
  • Enactus  (undergraduates) –Chapter of International Social Entrepreneurship Group - enactusrunb@gmail.com
  • Biomedical Entrepreneurship Network (BEN) – Formed in 2014, BEN brings together students from Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences in the medical professions who are interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Rutgers Venture Capital Club - a professional organization that is determined to provide members with career and educational opportunities in the Venture Capital/Private Equity industry.
  • RUMADRutgers Mobile App Development Group
  • USACS - Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists
  • Mark Leadership Conference at Rutgers
  • Women in Computer Science (CS) -  It is a forum of undergraduate and graduate women in the Department of Computer Science who meet on a regular basis to provide a supportive environment for women students and to foster informal activities among students, faculty, and computing professionals.

Spaces for Innovation

  • The Cave - located in Hill Center, room 252, Busch Campus, The C.A.V.E. (Collaborative Academic Virtual Environment) The space is attached to the Computer Science department's instructional labs and is designed to provide a place for student collaboration and group work. The space contains computers, couches, chairs,whiteboards, gaming systems,and a large-screen monitor for presentations and gaming, The C.A.V.E. is also the unofficial home of the Rutgers Undergraduate Association of Computer Scientists, the Rutgers Women in Computer Science club, the Rutgers Linux Users Group, and the Rutgers Creation of Games Society (COGS). Drop into the space, or visit for one of its regularly scheduled activities, such as the weekly hacker hour. (The closest bus stop is the Hill Center stop, which is served by the A, B, C, H, and REXB busses.)
  • The Makerspace - 35 Berrue Circle, Livingston Campus (just east of the Livingston Gym).  The Makerspace includes 3D printers, laser cutters and many other types other types of prototyping equipment. Staffed by a group of engineers, the space is open to the entire university community and is especially helpful for those working on capstone projects. The space is also the headquarters of the New Jersey Makerspace Association. (The closest bus stop to this space is the Quads stop, which is serviced by the B, LX, and REXL routes.)
  • The Hack-R-space - Located in the Hill Center, room 254, Busch Campus, The Hack-R-space is available to students and faculty who are interested in creating projects and "bringing cool ideas to fruition."  3D printing, Robotics, Oculus Rifts, Musical instruments (bass, guitar, drums), are some of the available equipment.   Contact Charles (mcgrew@cs.rutgers.edu) for more information.
  • Innovation Laboratory at the Rutgers Honors College - Located in the Honors College Building on College Avenue, the Lab contains equipment such as 3-D printers, mini-computers with a digital design studio, sensor lab, and other gadgetry to test hypotheses, create prototypes and minimally viable products (MVPs) and run pilot programs.  Additional information about the lab, which opened in the Fall or 2016, is available here.
  • The CASTLE - located in Cook Campus's Lipman Learning House, the C.A.S.T.L.E (Connecting, Advising and Serving Tomorrow’s Leader’s in Entrepreneurship) is an entrepreneurial co-working work space that opened in September 2014. The space fosters experiential learning and opportunities for students from all disciplines to collaborate on entrepreneurship activities.  Educational workshops, entrepreneurs and a global company have been hosted at the space.  It is currently available by appointment only.

Affordable and No-Cost Legal Services

  • Rutgers University Student Legal Services (RUSLS) provides eligible Rutgers University students with professional legal advice and assistance at no cost by attorneys licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey. The RUSLS mission is to give students a place to go to have their questions answered so that their legal issues do not interfere with their academic pursuits.​  The Office is located on Livingston Campus in Tillett Hall, Room 247 and is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. For appointments, call 848-932-4LAW (4529) or email them at sls@echo.rutgers.edu.  
  • Entrepreneurship Law Clinic at Rutgers Law School -   Early stage startups and small businesses in NJ which are bootstrapped, self-funded, or have raised only small amounts of friends and family capital (and not any significant outside capital) can apply for complimentary legal services. The program for the 2017-18 term will start in September so please get your application in as soon as possible. The number of client slots will be limited, and it's on a first come - first serve basis, subject to qualification and availability in the Clinic. 


Other Rutgers initiatives

  • Entrepreneurship Team Consulting – School of Business Camden - The program brings the knowledge and experience of MBA and undergraduate business students, under the guidance of an instructor in the Entrepreneurship Team Consulting Class, to bear on a need identified by a client. The client receives a detailed report of insightful analysis and valuable recommendations To date, Rutgers students have completed consulting projects for business firms, not-for-profits, and government agencies.  The Rutgers Team Consulting Program offers a quality service at a nominal fee. Considering the average team of four will spend about 500 hours on research and report preparation, the cost to the client is a fraction of what a private consulting firm would charge or what it may cost to conduct the project internally.
  • Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship – In December 2014, Ted Baker was selected for the $3 million George F. Farris Chair in Entrepreneurship, an endowed faculty position that will enhance the school’s efforts to provide a premier program of study to new generations of entrepreneurs. Dr. Baker was the founding executive director of The Entrepreneurship Collaborative at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management in Raleigh. The collaborative, known as TEC, is a center of research, education as well as a service provider to the entrepreneurship community. Baker has taught on the faculty at North Carolina State University’s Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as the Textile Technology Management Program at NSCU’s College of Textiles.   Rutgers now has its own version of tech, CTEC, headed by Roger Debo.