I-Corps Cohort 4 Dates Announced

New Brunswick, NJ - November 2018

Rutgers I-Corps Site will be holding Cohort 4 on the Cook Campus ( IFNH building, Room 101) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on the following Fridays:

• 2/8/19 -Theme: Customer Discovery

• 2/15/19 - Theme: Value Proposition

• 2/22/19 - Theme: Customers/Users/Payers

• 3/8/19 -  Theme: Next Steps in Rutgers Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Interested Teams should apply by January 11, 2019  here.

Some key points are included below:

What is I-Corps? I-Corps is a National Science Foundation initiative to increase the economic impact of research it funded. The I-Corps Site program expands upon the original National program to train more teams through a “short course format.”

  • Teams participate in an accelerated version of Stanford’s Lean LaunchPad course by talking to potential customers, partners and competitors and encountering the challenges and uncertainty of creating successful innovations.
  • The I-Corps™ environment is fast-paced and rigorous; teams are pushed, challenged, and questioned in the hope that they will learn quickly whether or not their ideas are worth pursuing.
  • We provide reimbursement up to $2500 per team (an NSF Grant) for their travel/some prototyping and we also provide an innovative software platform to track the interviews.

Site Requirements:  

  • Teams can come from anywhere in Rutgers (any campus, any discipline and can be faculty, staff or students) but they must have a STEM-related innovation.
  • Team-based program – Must have 2 or more members .
  • Teams typically include the following:
    • Entrepreneurial Lead – Required – the person taking the lead during I-Corps
    • Technical Lead (Faculty/Inventor/Student, usually someone with technical expertise)
    • Mentor (Has business or entrepreneurial experience, helps team make contacts for interviews) – we often help teams find mentors and teams can have more than one EL or TL
  • Teams complete a short online application followed by a 20 min. phone call with I-Corps teaching team to determine program readiness. It is a rolling application period:

For more information on the program visit http://oed.rutgers.edu/content/rutgers-i-corps-site  or email i-corps@ored.rutgers.edu

Teams can apply at:  http://oed.rutgers.edu/content/rutgers-i-corps-site   The application deadline is January 11, 2019