I-Corps Success Stories

A photo collage of the Sulis Team (from left top)  Ari,Yuki, Anurag and Sarah.


Cohort 1 Team, Sulis, is "Putting its idea to the Test"
The Rutgers team (See photos above) recently completed a pilot in India and is on a quest to win a $1 million prize participating in the Hult Prize Accelerator. 

Team members include: Ari Mendelow, a 2017 School of Engineering graduate, Yuki Osumi and Anurag Modak, School of Arts and Sciences students, and Sarah Pomeranz, a Rutgers Business School student.

Sulis got its start in a social innovation class at Rutgers-New Brunswick Honor College, where Modak began collaborating with Osumi and Pomeranz. The idea was selected as a project for the Innovation Lab, an incubator within the Honors College, where the three students, joined by Mendelow, have continued to develop the technology at the heart of Sulis, which uses ultraviolet light to sanitize water – about 12 liters in seven hours. In the past year, the team has not only participated at Rutgers I-Corps site program, but have pitched the idea at some 20 competitions, including the Hult and Rutgers Competition and the Hult Prize regionals in Boston.  Visit their Indiegogo site for updates.


I-Corps Open Houses

We held our first I-Corps Open House on May 21st 2018 at the Fiber Optics Lobby, Busch Campus.   We welcomed many new faces and also five teams from our first cohort. 

We will be holding our second Open House and Intellectual Property Overview on September 13, 2018 at the Life Sciences Auditorium on Busch Campus.  Register here to attend.


Rutgers National I-Corps Teams Find Success

Rutgers University has had over a dozen teams receive National I-Corps awards.

The value of the program and benefits to the team members are shown in the examples below:

  • Dr. KiBum Lee (New Brunswick School of Arts and Sciences  - Chemistry and Chemical Biology ) who participated in the I-Corps Program in April 2015 for the technology  “NanoScript: A Nanoparticle-Based Artificial Transcription Factor for Effective Gene Regulation and Stem Cell Differentiation” received  $175,000 in follow-on funding from the University City Science Center’s QED Program.
  • Dr. Daniel Murnick, (Newark - Colleges of Arts and Sciences – Physics) who completed the July 2014 National I-Corps Cohort for commercialization of “Radio-Carbon Analyzer for Biomedical Applications” received grant funding the following year from the National Science Foundation totaling $703,354.
  • Dr. Michael Johnson – (New Brunswick - School of Environmental & Biological Sciences - Environmental Science)  attended the January 2016 I-Corps program for “Improved Skeletal Visualization Process for Developmental Toxicology and a Novel 3-D Histology Technology”   Later in 2016 the team was awarded an NSF Phase I SBIR grant; In January 2017 Michael was named to Forbes list of 30 under 30 for Science; the team also received follow-on funding from the Foundation Venture Capital Group. Visit the Visikol website.