I-Corps Success Stories

Visikol CEO Michael Johnson (SEBS’17) graduate student. Photo: Nick Romanenko.


I-Corps Open House - Fiber Optics Lobby, Busch Campus

We held our first I-Corps Open House on May 21st.   We welcomed many new faces and also five teams from our first cohort.


Rutgers National I-Corps Teams Find Success

Rutgers University has had over a dozen teams receive National I-Corps awards.

The value of the program and benefits to the team members are shown in the examples below:

  • Dr. KiBum Lee (New Brunswick School of Arts and Sciences  - Chemistry and Chemical Biology ) who participated in the I-Corps Program in April 2015 for the technology  “NanoScript: A Nanoparticle-Based Artificial Transcription Factor for Effective Gene Regulation and Stem Cell Differentiation” received  $175,000 in follow-on funding from the University City Science Center’s QED Program.
  • Dr. Daniel Murnick, (Newark - Colleges of Arts and Sciences – Physics) who completed the July 2014 National I-Corps Cohort for commercialization of “Radio-Carbon Analyzer for Biomedical Applications” received grant funding the following year from the National Science Foundation totaling $703,354.
  • Dr. Michael Johnson – (New Brunswick - School of Environmental & Biological Sciences - Environmental Science)  attended the January 2016 I-Corps program for “Improved Skeletal Visualization Process for Developmental Toxicology and a Novel 3-D Histology Technology”   Later in 2016 the team was awarded an NSF Phase I SBIR grant; In January 2017 Michael was named to Forbes list of 30 under 30 for Science; the team also received follow-on funding from the Foundation Venture Capital Group. Visit the Visikol website.