Innovation Park @ Rutgers

Innovation Park @ Rutgers

About the Park

When complete, Innovation Park@Rutgers will be Rutgers' signature corporate and community collaboration/commercialization complex that will serve as a national model for technology-led economic development.  The Park, located in the greater New Brunswick area, will be the epicenter of an innovation ecosystem that spans New Jersey and beyond, and will have as its technology core the most advanced supercomputing system in the state. Innovation Park@Rutgers will be at the forefront of Rutgers’ efforts to catalyze university-industry-government collaborations that will translate into tangible economic growth and community benefits.  To this end, the programs housed in the Innovation Park are being designed to both build on Rutgers’ strengths and to address New Jersey industry’s desire for “frictionless” university-industry interactions. 

The Park will be based on a “service-centric” model, providing New Jersey companies and Rutgers personnel with business and technical support services, research contracts and licensing services, a Venture Launch Pad, and access to leading-edge advanced computation resources and faculty expertise, all of which will encourage innovation, business creation and business growth.  The Park will also serve as a catalyst for community development and has already garnered significant community support. 

Finally, through collaborations with domestic and international research parks, national labs, private sector corporations, educational institutions, economic development organizations, venture capital firms, and industry incubator and accelerator programs, Innovation Park@Rutgers will stand as a model for building high impact “communities of innovation” that promote regional technology-led economic development. The Innovation Park@Rutgers Business Plan and Implementation Strategy was funded by a Federal EDA grant.  This report was completed  in 2016 and contains additional details about the park and related programs.

The Innovation Park@Rutgers Executive Summary highlights key points from the full report.