Office of Corporate Contracts

The Office of Corporate Contracts is responsible for reviewing, drafting, negotiating, and signing industry-sponsored agreements. Corporate Contracts typically operates in a pre-license scenario when research is in the early stages of development.

With few exceptions, Corporate Contracts has the responsibility for all industry-related contracts that pertain to the outsourcing of faculty and staff members' scientific and business know-how.

Types of contractual arrangements include:

  • Funded and collaborative research
  • Small business SBIR and STTR programs
  • Laboratory/field services for a fee
  • Material transfer (biological and other scientific material)
  • Confidentially/nondisclosure (exchange of proprietary information)
  • Student Sponsorships (fellowships and company programs)
  • Visiting scientists and sabbaticals
  • Other unique agreements

Corporate Contracts is the focal point for all Confidential Disclosure and Material Transfer Agreements flowing through the University.

Rutgers' Export Control Officer also resides in Corporate Contracts and is available to guide and train faculty and staff in matters relating to export control.