Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2)

Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI²) is a university-wide, comprehensive and internationally competitive institute focused on Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering.

The Institute designs and hosts advanced cyberinfrastructure and facilitates the use of this technology in academic and industry applications. In 2014, RDI² secured $10 million in state funding for the purchase of supercomputing equipment. Known as Caliburn, the equipment architecture is unique in the world, and currently ranks No. 2 among Big Ten universities and No. 8 among US academic institutions in computing power.

Caliburn is available for use by Rutgers and other NJ higher education researchers and industry:

RDI² conducts multidisciplinary research on a range of topics from large scale data management to advanced cyberinfrastructure, with applications to the life sciences, material sciences, astrophysics, combustion, fusion and geosciences. It offers a variety of educational programs, including certificates and degree programs, seminars that are open to the public, and short training modules.