Office of Research Commercialization

The Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) is dedicated to transforming research at Rutgers into products, services and partnerships for the public good, generating value for the University and enhancing economic development in the State of New Jersey.  Key functions within the office include:

Patenting and Licensing - the group oversees patenting and licensing of University-owned IP. They are committed to streamlining the licensing process so that deals can be done in a timely manner.

SoCrates - this program focus is to commercialize Creative Works and Software Licensing

New Ventures (NV) - works with faculty, researchers and business founders to evaluate the opportunities of using a startup company as a vehicle to bring specific innovations from the lab to the marketplace.

TechAdvance - an early-stage-technology fund that provides financial support and business expertise for Rutgers faculty and students to advance promising technologies toward commercialization.

Rutgers Translational Sciences (RTS) - this team helps bridge the gap between basic and interdisciplinary preclinical research for Rutgers faculty. Professional staff help faculty create translational data for more competitive biomedical grant submissions, and increase collaboration with the private sector.