Rutgers I-Corps Site

Do you have an idea that you think has commercial potential?  Do you want to learn some key concepts helpful in business?  Do you dream of starting a company sometime in the future?  

If your answers are yes, then the Rutgers I-Corps™ Site program may be just what you are looking for.

Rutgers I-Corps™ Site is funded by the National Science Foundation.  The Site's goal is to nurture and support multiple, local teams to help transition their technology concepts into the marketplace  The Rutgers Site will provide advice, resources, networking opportunities, training and modest funding* to assist teams with the commercialization process and/or into becoming applicants for the National I-Corps™ Team.   Rutgers faculty, staff and students are eligible to apply to the Rutgers I-Corps site cohorts. The community, and especially Rutgers Alum, are encouraged to participate as team mentors. Our first cohort will be offered beginning in 2018.

Learn more in the Rutgers Today article Bringing a Silicon Valley Approach to Help Rutgers Research Move Beyond the Laboratory, Rutgers launches local National Science Foundation supported program to train scientists to become entrepreneurs . 

You must have an Entrepreneurial Lead and one other team members to apply to the I-Corps Program.  


If you would like more information about the ICorps Site program at Rutgers,  join our mailing list .

Potential Outcomes of the I-Corps™ Site include :

  • Direct commercialization of team projects
  • Applications submitted by Site Teams to NSF’s I-Corp Program
  • New start-up businesses - Licensing agreements
  • Creation of business plans suitable for review by third-party investors
  • Better understanding of technology/business; helps with future grant opportunities
  • Meeting other knowledgeable people who can help you with your business/career

In addition, all I-Corps™ Site-supported teams will make “go/no-go” decisions about commercialization within six months of receiving support from the site.

*  I-Corps™ Site funding to teams may support: travel expenses to consult with potential clients or experts; training or education related to entrepreneurial immersion; and resources needed to directly advance the goals of transitioning a team’s project into the marketplace

Mentor the next generation of Innovators
We will also be recruiting Mentors to assist our teams in their customer discovery and commercialization efforts.   If you are interested or would like additional information about being a mentor, please fill out our brief survey. 

For additional information contact:  Mark DeGuzman  973-353-1310 or Lori Dars  848-932-4481